More about UZINE

UZINE was founded in 2014 by a couple of specialists, who believed that the local communication market needed some fresh blood. In our team you can find PR professional with more than 15 years of experience, marketer with a bunch of successful campaigns behind his back, creative copywriter, graphic designer, DTP operator, project manager or web developer. We are aware that such a team is a great a value, and we are happily sharing it with our partners and clients through our work.

Da Team

Our team is modular, which means there is a fix core, and you can build the neccessary team around it, adding developers, graphic designers, consultants as members. As a result we can expand our team to the needs of any project.


Galactic Lord


Digital Magician


Project Commander


Tech Navigator


Marketing Guru


Our writers and journalists have experience from all around the media industry from tabloids through technology and business to lifestyle contents. B2B or B2C? Print or digital? It does not matter. They can adapt and change their writing styles accordingly. You can find within our refernces: complete production of publications, develombent of portals and daily content service, producing B2B magazines including writing articles, editing and printing.

PR & Communication

If you want to send a message about you or your company to your target audience, we can help you choose the right message and focus your campaigns for better results. We can write PR articles, organize press conferences or business breakfasts. UZINE is connected to most of the Hungarian media comapnies and publsihers, and this helps us expand the reach of your message with little or no cost..


All you can think about is Click-Through? Do you believe to hear the clicking of a mouse button, while you are asleep? Well, then you obviously need help. If it's a Facebook or AdWords campaign that can bring you visitors or costumers, we have a pretty good news for you: There's a team for that. Our specialists have never entered a direct URL in their browser and will help your costumers not to do it neither but to navigate them where they need to be.

Social Media

If you want to break out from the circle of Coelho quotes and cat videos and have a valuable social media strategy, which can grab the attention of your audience, we have a good and a bad news for you. The bad one is that it will take more time and effort. The good one is that we can do it for you. The power of social media has reformed the way we communicate. The companies behind these networks are always improving their products to better serve their users, communication and advertising need uninterrupted attention and continuous fine-tuning. Our specialits are always hanging on LinkedIn and Facebook, but not for watching videos where a cat is frightened by a cucumber (well they have seen that also) but to check the changes on these sites and adapt our clients social media strategy.


Maintaining a marketing team or even a marketing specialist can be huge cost for any company. We can be your marketing team for a more reasonable price. UZINE can provide marketing consultancy, strategic planning and implementation as well. We analyse your business and market, find the breaking points and give you a comprehensive marekting strategy.


Mobile apps, website, Facebook apps. Yes. We know a lot of technology related expressions. But what's better is that we can create these for you. Do you only have an idea? No problem. We can sit down by a cup of coffee and figure out what would be the best solution.

How we do this?

1 Planning

It does not matter if you are intended to make a new website, introduce a new product, build brand or even self-improvement, withou a good plan you can't get far. Every process has to start with planning.


But a plan does not worth anything by its own. You have to implement it as well. You have to reach your goal. And that needs endurance, well organized operation and creative problem solving.


But a plan does not worth anything by its own. You have to implement it as well. You have to reach your goal. And that needs endurance, well organized operation and creative problem solving.

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”Henry Ford